The outer body of a building is the object most closely associated with people’s lives outside but most easily overlooked, like the screen which a film is placed. As people walk down the street, the space between the passing of people and the walls of the building generates movement, sound and memory. Throughout the video the artists uses a collection of people’s clothing materials, which are digitally manipulated to form special abstract images and then superimposed and changed. Accompanied by recorded sounds from the street, some of the  images appear as lines that resemble a child’s pencil scribbling on a wall, or as traces fo the wall’s natural action. In the mixture of recorded sounds and electronic sounds, the artists trie to create an  space and a scene where memory and reality overlap.
The program is a course assignment based on the Digital Graffiti festival, and will play the picture on the Caliza Court terraces-a row of nine houses approximately 150 feet wide.
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