Paris Hilton needs no introduction. An icon of the Y2K styled younger generations. In this show, As a beginner, Paris with fingerless “sliving gloves” on and bedazzled cookware at the ready to learn how to cook. Her cooking is a frivolous and colorful as one would expect.
This design direction embraces the idea of a playful and messy approach to cooking through showing processes of writing recipes, decorating notes, and making food. 
Show package
Art Director: Wanyi Ma
Cameraman: Daoxuan Yuwen
Hands Model: Wanting Zhou
Special Thanks: Dong Liu, Ruyue Tian
Toolkit Package Music: Falling Skies - Killrude
Fans Survey
1 Comedy
2 Fashion
3 Rich people doing peasant things
4 Cooking process
5 Environment
Storyboard reference
Y2K Aesthetics
KEYWORDS:     shiny material, diamond, pink, fuzzy stuff.
The more distinctive ones are inspired by the mid-90s and early 2000s, during the dot-com boom when the ‘internet world’ started to shape.
A representative Y2K aesthetic should have a slightly retro edge with a futuristic touch.

Stoaryboard - Show Open
Production Process
Styleframe Test
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