CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. 2.5D is centered around the idea of 2.5 dimensional space. This design language embodies the essence of motion graphics through its fluid and flexible nature. Within this boundless space, we were able to reflect upon our innovative and experimental field that keeps pushing us to evolve. Join us to embrace and celebrate the limitless possibilities of what we can achieve with Motion Media.
Initial Design |Miharu Murai,Yu Xin King, Yorlie Avila
Creative Director | Miharu Murai
Art Director | Yu Xin King
Producer |Mel Petzoldt & Matt Paulsen
Lead Designer:|Yorlie Avila
Lead Graphic Designer| Weiqian Han
Lead Animator|Desmond Du
Lead 3D Animator| Olivia Trotter
Lead Graphic Designer| Weiqian Han
Designers| Auralee Mayfield, Isabella Jean Ranci Ortigosa, Antara Ghosh, Tiffany Lo
Yuwei Liu
Animators|Greg Markman, DaAe Kim, Cathy Lin, Jun Zhou, Marly Koven,Brenda Chen
Wanyi Ma
Graphic Designers| Alyssa Kalbus, Aanvik Singh, Josie Glassman,Krista Miller, Bella Shih
Experiential| Riley Carson, Priscilla Quek
Sound| Michael Karaman, Alwyn Tay
Website Andrew| Goodridge, Varun Khatri
Documentary| Samantha Woods, Haze Nguyen, Sigourney Alden
Special thanks| MOMELove, Our Professors, SCAD Motion Media, Kelly Carlton, Duff Yong
Alexandra Marca, Kaleb Sweeney, MaryBeth Morgan
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